If both partners serve while standing in the same box, is that a foul?

by Raj

(United States)

Question: Is it a fault if both partners are in the same box while serving?

Hi Raj, thanks for asking us a question.

In doubles, it is NOT a fault if both players (the pair delivering the service) stand in the same box.

When delivering a serve, your partner can stand anywhere on the court.

Men or Women’s Doubles

doubles service

In doubles, you will stand very near to the net to deliver the serve. This enables you to reach early to the shuttle if your opponent returns your serve with a net shot.

Your partner will usually stand right behind you; right in the centre of the court.

Most professional players adopt this doubles serving formation.

Mixed Doubles

In mixed doubles, the serving formation is the same as doubles when the female delivers the serve.

When the male player delivers the serve, you’ll need to use a different formation. See the following picture.

mix doubles service

The male player will usually serve from the centre of the court, at his respective service box.

The female player positions herself at the front of the male. The female is positioned very closely to the net so that she can quickly dominate the net area when the receiver returns a net shot.

However, the female player is usually required to bend low when the male player serves.

This is because the rules state that the receiver must be able to clearly see the server’s racket when receiving.

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