How to join to represent Malaysia in Badminton?

by Shukanthi Subramaniam

(Klang, Malaysia)

Question: Hi, my name is Shukanthi and I’m from Klang (Malaysia). I’m very interested in badminton and I just joined badminton class this year. I really wanted to represent Malaysia in badminton but I’m scared that this is too late. But i really wanted to achieve my dreams in badminton. So can you guide on my pathway to become a player? Thank you.

Hi Shukanthi, thank you for the question.

Badminton is the national sport in Malaysia and the country’s badminton association have strict rules for new national badminton players.

The national badminton players of Malaysia started playing the sport since they were young. Some engage in intensive badminton training at the age of 12.

Considering the strict requirements to become a national badminton player, one should attend the try outs for the national team latest by the age of 18-20.

In order to qualify to be drafted into the national team, you should:

  • Be as young as possible, preferably below 18-20
  • Have strong basic badminton skills and techniques
  • Be able to engage in high performance badminton
  • Have high levels of fitness

I admire your ambition of becoming a national player.

Do you mind sharing your age with us?

You can contact us personally here. I am interested to know more about your situation.

For now, I highly recommend that you go to the Badminton Association of Malaysia situated at

Stadium Juara,
Bukit Kiara Sports Complex,
Jalan 1/70 D, Bukit Kiara 6000 Kuala Lumpur

Go to their office at the stadium and have a chat with them about your situation. They should be able to give you some valuable advice.

By going to the stadium during daytime, you’ll get to see the other national players in training (you might even see Lee Chong Wei training there).

You’ll get to get a feel of the life of a national badminton player.

Then ask yourself whether you’ll enjoy the process of being a national player.

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May 02, 2016

I want to represent malaysia!!!

by: Yoshiniii

Sir or Madam,I am Yoshinii A/P Saravanan.I am 15.I want to represent Malaysia because I love badminton like my mom and I also training badminton since 7 years old.I hope that I will select for the national badminton team of Malaysia.

Mar 05, 2016

I really want to join national team badminton

by: Vicky

Hello, my name is Vicky and im from Ipoh but i stayed at Kuala Lumpur and im 15.So i hope u accept me as national team badminton.Thanks

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