Do push ups help improve the power of a smash in badminton?

by Adarsh


Question: My smash is not that powerful so should I do push up? (My smash is only powerful at my training court. If I go and play with my friends my smash will be very weak)

Hi Adarsh, thank you for your question.

Unfortunately push ups won’t help increase the power of your smash.

You were saying that you can smash harder during training and not as hard during an actual badminton game. Yes, this is a very common scenario.

This is because during training, you have more time to prepare for a smash. During a game you can’t predict what your opponent will do, so you have less time to prepare yourself for a smash.

In order to hit a powerful smash during a game, you must:

  • Get behind the shuttle as early as possible to allow you to have more time to prepare to smash.
  • Maintain extremely good balance right before you hit the smash (during your preparation phase).

Good Balance

I’m guessing that the reason you’re not hitting as hard during an actual game is the lack of body balance.

If this is the reason, you should concentrate more on using your non-racket arm to maintain your body balance.

We have a tutorial here on how to maintain body balance in badminton using your NON-racket arm. In that tutorial, you’ll learn the importance of body balance in badminton and how to maintain good balance at all times during your badminton game.


Besides, there are minor reasons that may be causing your smash to be weaker in actual games. Perhaps it is confidence?

Wait for the Perfect Opportunity

Keep in mind that you only smash during a badminton game when you see the opportunity.

An opportunity arises when:

  • Your opponent lifts the shuttle high up to you
  • You are able to get to behind the shuttle early enough to prepare for your smash
  • You are confident that your smash will win the rally, or at least force a weak return from your opponent

Otherwise, be patient with the rally and perform other badminton shots (such as drop shots) until the opportunity comes.

What Push Ups Do

Regarding your question on push ups, it will not help with the power of your smash.

Push ups work your chest out. The forehand stroke does not really use the chest muscles.

The power of the badminton smash depends on the fast burst of energy from your forehand swing.

This means that it depends on how fast you are able to swing your racket forward. A large swinging motion results in a strong smash. Therefore you should perform a full arm swing for maximum power.

Important Note

Make sure you keep your muscles relaxed at all times.

When your muscles are relaxed, your mobility will be maximised and you will be able to perform a larger swing range.

If you’re looking for some training to enhance the power of your smash, consider training with badminton training rackets.

I think it will help you produce the short burst of energy that you’re looking for to hit a more powerful smash.

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