How to improve speed in badminton?

by Giridhar

(Belgaum, Karnataka, India)

Question: What training is required to improve speed in badminton? I want to improve speed in badminton

Hi Giridhar, thanks for your question.

Speed is a very important for winning rallies in badminton.

However, speed in badminton mainly can be split into two parts:

  • pace on the court (movement speed)
  • reaction speed (speed in executing your shots)

Reaction speed simply means how fast you take to execute your badminton stroke (especially strokes for powerful shots).

The faster your swing speed of your racket, the more powerful your shots.

Nevertheless, I assume that you want to improve your movement speed.

Basically, fitness training can be categorized to strength training and resistance training.

Resistance training helps increase the size of your muscles.

On the other hand, strength training significantly increases your strength but you won’t be able to see large increase in your muscle mass.

In badminton, we focus on strength training.

As you can see, most professional badminton players are lean and fit because they engage in strength training.

In order to improve your movement speed on the badminton court, you’ll need to work on exercises that:

  • Improve the strength of your legs
  • Improve your body balance

Strong Legs

In order to have strong legs to move faster on the badminton court, you’ll need to perform exercises that will help you produce short bursts of energy.

Short burst of energy is produced as a result of the quick