How to hit solid clears in badminton?

by anonymous


Perform a Full Swing to Hit a Solid Badminton Clear

Perform a Full Swing to Hit a Solid Badminton Clear

Hi, how can I make a solid clear for badminton??

The key to doing a solid clear is to do a “full arm swing” when executing your clear shot. Many people make mistakes by just touching the shuttlecock with the racquet rather than hitting it with a full swing.

There’s NO NEED for a strong swing.

All you need to do to perform a solid clear is:

  • Extend both your arms to the widest extent possible
  • Swing your racquet towards the shuttlecock and make sure your swing goes all the way down to your lower body (your arm doing a full arm swing)

If you executed a SOLID BADMINTON CLEAR, you should hear a fairly loud and ‘solid’ sound when your racquet touches the shuttlecock.

See badminton clearing for a step-by-step guide on how to do a solid clear or lob.

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