Peter Rasmussen’s Badminton Techniques DVD Review

This is a review of

Do you want to… master all the basic badminton techniques?

Do you want to… produce high quality badminton shots?

Do you want to… produce powerful badminton smashes?

Do you want to… produce beautiful drop shots?

Well… all this can be learned through good advice.

But where do we find good badminton advice?

It’s important to learn from someone who knows the dynamics in badminton.

And most importantly, someone who can perform the correct badminton techniques – and World Champion Peter Rasmussen is that person!

To improve your game, learning the proper badminton techniques is essential. It allows you to:

  • Produce different types of shots during a game
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Win points with different techniques!

This page introduces Peter Rasmussen’s badminton techniques DVD which I find very helpful for any badminton player.

About Peter

  • Former national badminton player for Denmark
  • Secured his title as the 1997 World Champion after defeating Sun Jun (South Korea).

Peter’s Badminton Coaching Videos

Getting the Correct Techniques RIGHT from the Start!

Peter understands the difficulty in mastering the various badminton basics and skills.

He knows which areas beginners will most likely make mistakes when learning the sport.

Therefore, he’s able to emphasise the main challenges that beginners face. He ensures that nothing goes wrong for a beginner while trying to learn the basics in badminton.

Getting the basics right is the KEY to bring your badminton skills to the highest level.

In his DVD, Peter not only highlights the steps to perform these basic skills, he also explains to us why it has to be done.

Highlighting Small but VITAL Details that Beginners Won’t Pay Attention to…

Maintaining balance in badminton is VERY important.

In one of his videos, Peter emphasised the smallest of details – like the importance of using of your NON-RACKET ARM to maintain balance.

When beginners are told why the sport is played in such a way, they will pay more attention to even the smallest details.

Based on the example above, if I told you to raise your non-racket arm without a REASON for doing it, there’s a high chance you won’t take my advice.

However, what if I told you that the non-racket arm is the KEY to winning games?

It helps you maintain body balance and move quicker around the court!

That’s where Peter does very well in his DVD. He gives a very strong reason why you should do what he says.

Improve Your Skills and Win Games!

The DVD is not only for beginners.

I’ve mentioned on this website before the importance of mastering the CORRECT basic techniques.

Intermediate players who wish to improve their badminton skills can always use this DVD to revise their basic techniques!

How One Advice from Peter Helped Me Produce a More POWERFUL Smash!

I had already been playing badminton for some time when I came across Peter Rasmussen’s DVD.

But after watching his jump smash video, I learned the importance of stretching out my non-racket arm in mid-air to improve balance.

This led to a more powerful smash!

I didn’t even have to relearn or train harder, since I already knew how to do a jump smash.

All I did was followed his ONE small tip.

I stretched out my non-racket arm and I was smashing harder than before!

I couldn’t believe one small change made such BIG difference in my jump smash.

Worth It for the Overall Improvement

There were other useful tips that also improved my game.

It’s safe to say that even if you’re familiar with most techniques, it’s still worth learning from a pro!

I know I found it worth it listening to his advice.

Learning techniques from a world champion has definitely improved my overall game performance.

And I can attribute that to the advice from Peter Rasmussen’s videos.

If you want to learn from a badminton champion, I found Peter’s DVD to be a good choice.

How to Get His DVD

You can .

If you ever decide to get professional badminton advice, choose Peter’s DVD.

For those who are wondering how it works, I bought Peter’s DVD and he gave me online access to the videos (so I could watch it even before the DVD came).

The DVD then arrived afterwards so I could have offline access to his videos. I have bought 2 of his products before and so far have been very happy with both.

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