How do I do a backhand smash?

by Yuhaen


Question: How do I do a backhand smash? Seriously need help in this… when I hit a backhand hit, my opponent always use the net kill, so how to overcome this problem? I wanna know please.

Hi Yuhaen, I wouldn’t recommend a backhand smash because this skill is very difficult to execute and has a couple of weaknesses (I’ll mention them below).

Learn the Correct Stroke

To do a backhand smash, you must first know how to properly execute a backhand stroke.

Employ the Backhand Grip

Besides that, you must also have the ability to quickly inject power into your backhand stroke.

This is usually done by quickly switching from a forehand grip to a backhand grip.

When you are quick enough in switching to a backhand grip, you will have more loading time for a backhand smash and have the time to inject the power into your stroke.

Maintain Good Balance

The common advice you’ll get from most people is to not do a full smash unless you are confident to win a point or ‘kill your opponent’.

This is usually because a full smash will make you lose body balance.

It is also harder to quickly return to your footwork base after making a huge backhand swing.

If your opponent is able to return your full backhand smash, you might be in a trouble in terms of retrieving the return shot after your full backhand smash.

The Disadvantage of a Backhand Smash

A backhand smash will weaken your court coverage EVEN FURTHER.

When you do a backhand stroke, your body will be facing the back of your court.

After doing a backhand smash, you will need to spend some time recovering your body balance. This makes your forehand area very vulnerable.

This is why many professional players do not do backhand smashes that often. Elite backhanders like Taufik Hidayat and Kenneth Jonassen do not always do the backhand smash unless they are extremely confident that it will kill their opponents.

Tip: Learn the Backhand Clear or Backhand Drop Shot First

In your case, practise how to hit a backhand clear to be safe.

I understand hitting a backhand clear is often a weakness for many people. Most people find it difficult to inject power into their backhand strokes.

To hit a backhand clear, make sure you:
1. Use a backhand grip
2. Do a correct BACKHAND SWING rather than merely “touching” the shuttle
3. Take the shuttle as high as possible so that your arm has room for a full backhand swing

Alternatively, you can learn a backhand drop shot if you’re not able to hit a baseline clear with your backhand.

Don’t worry about not having enough strength. If you can’t do a baseline clear with your backhand, focus on performing the correct backhand stroke technique.

Review your basics and practise your backhand by learning the backhand drop shot first.

A backhand drop uses less power. Aim to make your backhand drop cross RIGHT ABOVE THE NET. Your opponent will less likely be able to return a net kill if the shuttle crosses right above the net.

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