French Super Series 2009 FINAL

Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat

Watch the French Super Series 2009 FINAL, between Lin Dan and Taufik Hidayat.

Lin Dan played a more offensive strategy in this match. This is because he knows that he has the physical advantage over Taufik, therefore tried to use this competitive advantage of his as a winning strategy.

Whilst playing with other players like Chong Wei, Lin Dan opt for a more defensive play because an aggressive attacking strategy would probably not work for swift defensive players like Chong Wei.

In this match, Lin Dan’s smashes were very strong and fast. It is because of Lin Dan’s injection of pace and strength; pace to reach the shuttle fast and strength to execute a strong smash, that helped Lin won the rallies. Because of LinDan’s injection of pace and strength into the shuttle, Taufik was not ready to defend most of Lin’s smashes.

Taufik was not able to compete with Lin Dan physically. However, Taufik still possessed first class quality skills and shots. He tried his best despite the physcial difference and managed to impressively defend a couple of shots fromLin Dan.


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