Famous Badminton Players of All Time

This page is a hall of fame for famous badminton players of all time. These badminton players has shown us what incredible feats can be achieved.

Yang Yang (China)

Around the 80’s, Yang Yang has demonstrated great speed and quick footwork on the badminton court. His movement on the court makes him look like the lightest person on the planet.

Besides that, his shots were very accurate. He could place the shuttle very close to the line.

I guess this can be attributed to China’s system of developing players who are consistent. Chinese players’ shots are usually accurate due to their intense trainings.

Through their development of excellent athletes in China, Yang Yang rarely makes mistakes in tournaments.

Other than that, Yang Yang has also performed some quality deceptive shots during his time, and back then badminton deception was not even used often.

It was his consistency, speed, accuracy and of course, talent, that made him the badminton world champion.

His achievements include:

  • Winning the Thomas Cup for 3 consecutive seasons (1986-1990).
  • Winning the Badminton World Championships for 2 consecutive seasons (1987-1989).
  • Obtaining a Gold medal in badminton during the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • Having ALL the major titles in badminton by age 25!

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