BWF Badminton World Championships: The World Class Badminton Tournament

The Badminton World Championships is one of the highest level badminton tournaments (even more recognised than a Super Series Premier tournament).

The BWF World Championships is hosted every year.

However, the world championships will not run if that the particular year has Olympic Games.

For example, the Olympic Games will be hosted in 2012. This means
that there will be no badminton world championships in the year for

Similar to most other badminton tournaments, the championships title will be offered to all 5 disciplines in the sport, namely

  • Men’s singles
  • Women’s singles,
  • Men’s doubles,
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed doubles.

Countries around the world will take turns to be the host country for the annual BWF World Championships.

The badminton world gives a lot of credit to the winners of the Badminton World Championships.

Players who are known as world champions are the winners of the world championships.

The title is ONLY reserved for the best badminton players!

Every badminton player will want to be crowned as a “world champion” at least once in their career.

The title badminton world champion is even more valuable than being ranked world no.1 in the BWF ranking system.

Brief History

  • In 1977, The FIRST Badminton World Championships was introduced. It was held once in every 3 years.
  • Before 1977, the All England Badminton Championships was considered to be the highest level badminton tournament.
  • From 1985, the World Championships was staged once in every 2 years.
  • From 2006, the tournament became an annual event but is not held on the Olympic years.

Recent & Interesting Facts on the World Championships

Since the Badminton World Championships is considered as one of the
top badminton tournament in the world (apart from the Olympics), it is
definitely a ‘dream come true’ for the players who win the title.


China’s Ability for Clean Sweeps

China has been very successful in producing top class badminton players.

Their dominance was evident through their clean sweeps of world champion’s titles.

Since the inception of the World Championships in 1977, China has brought home a total of 53 World Championships titles. Yes, that’s 53!

In 2010 and 2011, China claimed a clean sweep on all of the 5 world champions’ titles (MS, MD, WS, WD and XD).

According to these figures, we can clearly see China’s dominance in the badminton world over the years.


Chinese Women’s Doubles Players Dominate Badminton

Interestingly, the Chinese women were the ones who dominated the badminton world.

Up until 2012, the World Championships in badminton has been hosted for a total of 19 times (since 1977).

In the women’s doubles category, the Chinese has won 16 out of the 19
occasions in the past. In women’s singles, the Chinese has won 15 out
of the 19 titles over the years.


Most Successful World Champion

Despite badminton being dominated by the Chinese, the most successful
world champion was the badminton doubles player from South Korea, Park Joo-Bong.

He was a 5-times badminton world champion and holds the record for having the most world titles.


I think…

A true champion needs to win the BWF World Championships for at least
once in his/her career. A ‘world champion’ title is far more valuable
than becoming the world no.1 badminton player.

Besides the Olympics Gold Medal, the World championships
title is perceived to be the second most valuable title in the badminton

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