Badminton Super Series (BWF Badminton Tournaments)

Have you been watching the Badminton Super Series (BWF World Superseries) Tournaments recently?

What exactly is it?

Badminton Super Series Introduced

The Super Series is a series of 12 badminton tournaments held each year.

They are hosted in selected countries where people enjoyed badminton.

The Super Series tournaments were introduced in 2007. It’s official name is the BWF World Super Series.

Prior to 2007, the Badminton Grand Prix Gold tournament was one of the highest level tournaments before the Badminton World Championships and the Badminton Olympics event.

In 2007, the Super Series became a level higher tournament than the Grand Prix Gold.

OSIM BWF World Super Series and the Premier Tournaments

In 2011, there were some changes to the structure of these Super Series events. OSIM, a leading brand in the healthcare industry was contracted as the title sponsor for these badminton tournaments.

In conjunction with OSIM’s sponsorship, 5 out of the 12 super series tournaments were upgraded to the “Super Series Premier”.
These 5 premier tournaments are higher grade tournaments which offer higher BWF ranking points and more prize money.

The FIRST badminton Super Series Premier was the Victor Korea Open 2011. It attracted the highest ever prize money in the history of badminton tournaments at US $1.2m!

Since 2011, the official name for these 12 tournaments was named OSIM BWF World Super Series.

The World Super Series FINAL

At the end of a super series season (after the 12 super series tournaments have been staged), one final tournament will be staged. That is, the BWF World Super Series Final.

A USD500,000 prize money is usually offered in the season’s finale.

To qualify for the season finale, badminton players will need to participate in as many super series tournament over the year to get to the top of the Super Series rank.

Interesting Facts

  • The Super Series has a separate ranking apart from the BWF ranking system. BWF calls it the Super Series standing.
  • Ever since its inception in 2007 until 2013, Asia and Europe were the only regions to host the Super Series tournaments.
  • Oceania will be the third region to host a Super Series tournament in 2014! Where? Sydney, Australia. Prize money? USD 750,000!
  • Lee Chong Wei is by far the most successful badminton player in the Super Series events. As of 2013, he has 30 Super Series Gold medals!
  • Super Series gold medalist takes home an OSIM massage chair. I wonder where does Lee Chong Wei keep his 30 chairs?
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Want to Watch the Super Series LIVE?

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When? Tournament dates are available on the BWF calender.

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