Badminton World Championship 2006 Round 2

Taufik Hidayat vs Chen Hong

Watch the Badminton World Championship 2006 Round 2, between Taufik Hidayat and Chen Hong.

Taufik’s backhand smash was extremely popular at that time. That is because no badminton player can execute such strong backhands like Taufik. The sports commentator was anticipating to witness his backhand smashes during that match but unfortunately, his backhand smashes was only performed once or twice during this match.

The fastest shuttle speed recorded in this game was 303 km/h (i think). Maybe ddthe quality of the video was very bad, but I can’t even see where the shuttle went. That kind of shuttle speed is also rarely achieved in today’s (2011) badminton singles tournaments.

However that was not the fastest shuttle speed in badminton history. Check out this video on the fastest badminton smash ever recorded during a men singles tournament. The record was also made by Taufik Hidayat.

Also, observe second rally of Game 3 on Taufik’s defence against Chen Hong’s smash. Although that return of the shuttle requires some luck, Taufik’s return was beautifully done. I think rally became a popular video clip in YouTube.

Chen Hong can power up strong and fast baseline jump smashes and even Taufik couldn’t do anything about it when Chen Hong gets the right angle on his smash. I realise that Taufik has the tendency to dive to the right hand side of the court when defending strong smashes. When the shuttle flies to the left hand side, he will most likely fail to defend it.


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