Do You REALLY Need to Buy Badminton Shorts?

Are badminton shorts necessary for a casual badminton game?

I personally think it is not necessary to wear shorts specially made for playing badminton.

Unlike badminton shoes, shorts made for badminton do not have great technological designs that will help increase your performance on the court.

That means you don’t blow too much cash on shorts 🙂

However, you still have to wear something appropriate!

The appropriate shorts for badminton should be:

  • Appropriate Length
    The length of the shorts should not go beyond your knees (knee level at most). This is important because playing badminton requires you to stretch.

    If the length is beyond your knee level, you’ll find it hard to stretch to the front area of the court to return the shuttle.

  • Fitting, but not too tight
    If your shorts are too tight, your movement will be restricted. Good badminton footwork will require you to move quickly and flexibly.

    You won’t be able to do that if your shorts are too tight.

  • Comfortable to wear
    You should feel comfortable in your shorts or you will probably not enjoy your badminton game.
  • Not so ‘sweat absorbent’
    Your shorts must not have the ability to absorb too much sweat. This will make your shorts very heavy if too much sweat is absorbed.

    Not to mention you will also feel uncomfortable. As your shorts get heavy as it absorbs sweat, it affects your speed.

My shorts are not specially made for playing badminton. I bought it from a beach pants shop and it did not cost me a lot.

Tell me what you think!

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