Yonex Australia Open 2011

Update: It was an exciting event and thanks to all who joined us at the Yonex Australia Open 2011. Catch our previous match wrap ups of the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals.

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David &amp Gerard

Did you know that there will be a Yonex Australia Open in Melbourne from 5-10 April 2011?

We think it’ll be worth talking about this event now because it marks the development of the badminton in Australia. For the VERY FIRST TIME, the Yonex Australian Open 2011 will have sponsored prize money of USD 120,000.

The prize money for the Yonex Australia Open 2010 last year was only USD 50,000. This year, Yonex is willing to sponsor USD 120,000 for this international badminton event. This is an indication that badminton is indeed (and becoming) a popular sport in Australia.

The Yonex Australia Open 2011 has attracted many world class badminton players from around the world. Among those who will be coming to Melbourne are:

  • Boonsak Ponsana [7]
  • Sony Dwi Kuncoro [33]
  • Wong Choong Hann [32]
  • Muhammad Hafiz Hashim [26]
  • Nguyen Tien Minh [7]
  • Wang Lin [91] – Current Badminton World Champion

These are truly top players. Muhammad Hafiz Hashim was the 2002 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Wong Choong Han was the 1998 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, so this badminton event is a rare opportunity for everyone in Australia to watch these top players LIVE in action!

Badminton is a popular sport in Europe and Asia and we believe its popularity will be spread to Australia. We think that Yonex is convinced that badminton will become more and more popular in Australia, which is why the prize money for the Australia Open this year has increased significantly.

For those of you residing in Australia (especially in Victoria) who enjoy playing badminton, you might want to consider spending your weekend (9-10 April 2011) watching the Yonex Australia Open Grand Prix Gold LIVE.

Be part of the development in this favourite sport of yours. If the crowd is huge during the semi finals and FINALS of the Yonex Australia Open 2011, who knows more corporations will sponsor more prize money next year?

Larger prize money will definitely attract more world class badminton players. Australian will then be able to enjoy and watch more skilled performance by world badminton players, LIVE!

I enjoy playing badminton and I currently reside in Australia. I truly hope badminton in Australia will be as popular as it is in Asia and Europe.

We will be there at the finals too!

For ticket bookings, call +61 3 9686 4777 or fax +61 3 9686 6999. You may also want to take a look at the event program

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