Thomas Cup 2010 FINAL

Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat

Watch the Thomas Cup 2010 FINAL, between Lin Dan and Taufik Hidayat.

Taufik started playing at a slightly slower pace and did not perform any sort of attacks. He did not stand a chance in Game 1 as Lin Dan was at peak performance and playing at a much faster pace than Taufik.

In this whole match, Taufik made many unforced errors, which gave Lin Dan the opportunity to widen the score gap especially in the first set.

In the second game, Taufik began playing at a faster pace, which gave him the chance to perform a series of attacking shots.

However, Taufik’s attacks were not effective against Lin Dan. Taufik managed to score more in the second game simply because Lin Dan committed some mistakes.

In terms of skills, Taufik does not have the speed to compete with Lin Dan. His stamina and fitness level has decreased because of his age. However, he possess the skill and experience of a world class badminton champion. This was his comparative advantage over Lin Dan.

Taufik’s backhands are magnificent. He is well able to perform cross court backhand clears from baseline to baseline.

On the other hand, Lin Dan was performing at his peak. His smashes and cross courts were all on the sidelines. While engaging in net plays with Taufik, he totally dominated the front court.

Most of the time, it is precision and consistency in delivering quality badminton shots that make a champion better than another champion. Lin Dan here has shown a good example of precision, accuracy and consistency that differentiates him from other badminton players.


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