Thomas Cup 2008 FINAL

Lin Dan vs Park Sung Hwan

Watch the Thomas Cup 2008 FINAL, between Lin Dan and Park Sung Hwan.

Park started off strong, taking the lead all the time during Game 1.

A controversial call was made by a line judge at 4:42 minutes of Part 1. I personally think that it should be called out. Watch the replay and I think that you’ll also be convinced that Park’s shot was actually ‘wide’.

Park was playing at a much faster pace than Lin Dan in the first game. Park is an amazing badminton player whose offences are strong and has fast movement speed. He managed to convincingly win the first game, with Lin Dan having a large score deficit.

During the third game, Lin Dan was playing at a much faster pace. He was able to capture the optimal timing to execute those strong smashes as well as being able to strike fast to the front for net kills.

It was amazing that Park was able to keep up with that pace. However, he made too many unforced errors which caused him to lose the match.

Park is a swift and agile badminton player whose strategy is more towards forcing his opponents to return weak shots. He does not seem to be able to produce strong and fast smashes but he is able to ‘create chances’ for himself.


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