Singapore Super Series 2008 FINAL

Lee Chong Wei vs Simon Santoso

Watch the Singapore Super Series 2008 FINAL, between Lee Chong Wei and Simon Santoso.

Watch Chong Wei’s on court performance prior to the 2008 beijing olympics.

In terms of skills, both players demonstrated equal qualities. The only thing that differentiates these 2 men is the amount of unforced errors.

It is often the consistency in delivering quality badminton performance that differentiates a good player and a great player.

Nevertheless, Chong Wei picked up the momentum after the first game’s interval. He successfully widen the score gap significantly. Simon on the other hand was also starting to make more errors, not unforced errors but errors commited because of Chong Wei’s intelligent play.


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

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