Service Rules: Must Players Stand Still When Delivering or Receiving a Serve?

by Robert Cosar

(Kelowna, B.C. Canada)

Could you please answer this question? In doubles, when the player is ready to serve and the receiver is ready must the other players be still or can they move up and back, side to side before the bird is served?

Hi Robert, thank you for asking us a question.

ALL the players must be still when the bird is served.

By being still means both feet are stationary on the ground. Your feet should not move away from where you stand until the server performs the service. Otherwise the umpire will call a fault.

However, you can move your racket or even your body when the server is delivering the service. Just make sure you don’t move your feet away from the ground until the service is delivered.

Ok let’s get back to your question. The server and receiver’s partner CANNOT move around the court when the service is being delivered.

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