6 Essential Tips to Hit a Powerful Jump Smash

How to hit a powerful jump smash?

The badminton jump smash is the most powerful offensive shot in
badminton. Professional shuttlers are capable of firing shots as fast as
425 km per hour with the jump smash.

Many think that they’re doing a powerful jump smash by merely
jumping to smash. Yes, jumping by a bit to execute a smash will
increase the power of your smash. BUT to transfer the maximum power into
your smash, you need to have proper technique!

The proper technique for a powerful jump smash is fairly
difficult to master. It is extremely demanding and requires a lot of
practice. Don’t expect to hit perfect jump smashes with correct timing
when you first start.

This page offers you the ESSENTIAL TIPS to execute a proper and powerful jump

Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to execute the badminton jump smash.

When you’re practising for your jump smash, keep the following points in mind.

These are the factors that lead to a powerful jump smash. When you
can perform a perfect jump smash without thinking about the following
factors, you’re ready to use it in your badminton games!


1. Relax and DO NOT tense your body muscles

When you’re too stiff, your mobility is limited. THE KEY IS TO RELAX!
Your movements will be restricted when your muscles are tensed.

Your whole body should be relaxed — so that your arm, wrist and
waist are flexible to move, hence, maximizing your movement while you’re
in the air.


2. Do not hold your racket grip too tightly

You might think that you need to hold the racket very tightly in order to execute a powerful jump smash. This is not how it works.

If you grip your racket too tightly, your wrist movement is limited,
hence you’ll be less able to incorporate the power of your wrist into
your badminton jump smash.

You should only grip your racket tightly enough to ensure that the racket won’t slip off when you swing your racket.


3. Balancing arm (Non-racket arm)

While in the air, you’ll be out of balance most of the time. In this
case, your non-racket arm plays an important role in helping you
maintain body balance.

While in the air, stretch out your non-racket arm to balance
yourself. Remember to only stretch out your non-racket arm in mid-air.

If you do not have good body balance,
your natural reaction will restrict you from doing a maximum swing as
well as restricting the movement of your waist. Therefore you’ll end up
with a weak stroke.


4. Stretch your racket arm to the maximum extent for a full arm swing

While in the air, extend both your arms to the widest extent possible so that you’re able to do a FULL ARM SWING.


5. Lift your legs slightly while in the air

In order to increase the power of your smash, some professionals
recommend that you lift your legs up to transfer the power from your
legs to your racket.

I think another reason you should lift your legs while in the air is
to enable extra flexibility – to twist your waist easily. When you’re
able to easily twist your waist during a smash, you get more power in
the shot!

Therefore, it’s very important not to tense your leg muscles at all
times. If it’s too tensed, it’ll be difficult to lift your legs up while
in the air.

6. Contact point and timing

Since this is a jumping smash, getting the right timing depends on how high you jump.

Hitting the sweet spot of the racket allows you to produce a POWERFUL SMASH! To make good contact with the shuttle (shuttle makes contact with the sweet spot of the racket), timing is essential.

Therefore, practice makes this shot perfect. Practise to make sure you get the right timing for every jump smash you make.

Again, the badminton jump smash is a very demanding skill. There are
some people who mastered this skill quickly whereas some never get to
master it.

When you find yourself having trouble performing the jump smash,
always ask yourself whether you are performing it the correct way.
Figure out what went wrong. Use the tips above as a guide.


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