Lee Chong Wei’s Super Defence


The short video above features a badminton rally between Lee Chong Wei (in yellow) and Taufik Hidayat (in red).

In this match, Chong Wei adopted a defensive strategy where he “invites” Taufik to attack by lobbing/clearing the shuttle to the back. Taufik fired 2 strong smashes from the baseline which forced Chong Wei to dive and retrieve the smash.

In the video, Chong Wei performed 2 consecutive dives. He was able to get up very quickly after a dive. This requires extraordinary agility and extremely good badminton footwork. Not many badminton players are capable of doing this and this is what makes Lee Chong Wei the world no.1.

Watch the replay at the end of the video and you’ll be able to see closely how Chong Wei made the 2 consecutive dives.

The KEY to quickly get up from a badminton dive is to make sure your knees do not touch the ground when you dive. Of course, you’ll also need a high level of fitness.

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