Is it a foul if I have 2 attempts at a shot but only make contact with the shuttle once?

by Sourabh

(Samalkha, Haryana, INDIA)

In single game, when in my 1st attempt i miss the shot (but shuttle is not touch my racket and body).

Quickly i made 2nd attempt at same time and i am succeed to return the shuttle at right place of opponent’s side.

Is it fault or not?

Hi Sourabh, thanks for your question.

If you had two attempts where your racket or body actually touched the shuttle on your first attempt, it will be considered a foul. But based on what you’ve explained, you did not commit a fault.

It is a fault when the shuttlecock:

  • touches the ground and lands inside
  • hits your body

In your case, you SUCCESSFULLY managed to prevent the shuttlecock from touching any part of your body and you did not allow the shuttlecock to reach the ground inside your court boundaries.

Even if you miss the shuttle with your first stroke (shuttlecock must not touch your racket or your body), you can always execute another stroke.

You managed to return your opponent’s shot and send it over to your opponent’s side.

Therefore it is totally legal.

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