How to Hit the Forehand Badminton Drop Shot

Badminton Drop Shot

Level Beginner
Type Can be Offensive or Defensive
Pre-requisite None

Good Overhead Forehand Stroke Technique

The quality of your Badminton Drop depends on how well you perform the Overhead Forehand Stroke.

Avoid Simple Error

The Badminton Drop requires you to perform a gentle and complete arm swing. It is known to be a ‘soft shot’. This is why many people make a huge mistake by simple ‘touching’ the shuttle.

You should avoid making the same mistake as most beginners do…

When hitting the drop, DO NOT only ‘touch’ the shuttle with your racket. You should perform a proper Overhead Forehand Stroke gently.
Complete a full arm swing!

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Get into position and adopt the Forehand Grip. Your body should face sideways.

2. Raise your Non-Racket Arm and Racket Arm.

3. Commence your Swing. Stretch out your Non-Racket Arm at the same time
4. Complete a Full Arm Swing. Follow through with your racket even after you hit the shuttle.

5. Shuffle your Racket Foot forward as you swing your racket forward. Your body should now face the front.

How to Hit the Fast and Slow Drop

The Badminton Drop has 2 variations; the Fast and Slow Drop.

The technique to execute the Fast and Slow Drop is the same. The only difference is your Point of Contact with the shuttle.

Fast Drop: Take the shuttle when it’s slightly in front of you. This will direct the shuttle steeply in a downward direction. The RED X.

Slow Drop: Take the shuttle when it’s slightly above your head. This will help you achieve the Slow Drop trajectory. The BLUE X.

Important Tips and Advice

  1. As a beginner, learn to hit the Fast Drop first. The Slow Drop is harder to master because it’s difficult to land the shuttle close to the net.
  2. Besides, it’s easy to counter a weak Slow Drop. Your opponent could ‘catch’ you doing the Slow Drop by moving forward quickly and tapping the shuttle down to your side.
  3. Avoid the most common mistake. Make sure you perform a complete arm swing  when performing a drop shot. Many people think drop shots only require a soft touch. They simply touch the shuttle with the racket.

You can’t get a good quality badminton drop by simply ‘touching’ the shuttle. Remember to complete your swing!

  • The Badminton Drop is a good choice of shot to variate the pace of your game. Keep your opponent guessing what shots you’re going to hit.
    Use a variety of shots in your games; use Clears, Drops, and Smashes.

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