Difference between Tennis Net Cord Lets vs Badminton Lets

by Ken


Question: In tennis, if a serve hits the net but is legal in every other way, you play a let.

Whats the rule in Badminton please?

Hi Ken, thank you for the question.

The badminton “let” and tennis “let” has a slight difference – explained below.

Similarity between Tennis and Badminton Lets

Just to be clear of the term ‘LET’ in badminton, similar to tennis, it is also called by the umpire when the receiver is not ready to receive a service.

Other instances for lets include unusual circumstances (someone from the crowd runs in, a bird flying in during tennis etc).

When a LET is given, no points will be offered to both parties for that particular rally. The umpire will then call for the rally to be re-played.

What happens if the shuttle brushes the net in Badminton?

As you said, a “let” is played in tennis when the ball brushes the net slightly during a serve; if it lands in the service box, it is not a fault; but the serve must be replayed.

In badminton, a let will NOT be called by the umpire if the shuttlecock hits the net in the event of a badminton-service.

In such instances, there is a chance that the shuttlecock will or will not reach the service line of the receiver’s side of the court.

If the shuttle fails to land in the service boundaries, it is a fault for the server.

IF the shuttle brushes the net and lands IN the service boundaries, the game is played as usual. The receiver has to retrieve it.

No “net cord” lets will be given like tennis.

Therefore, the challenge in the low badminton serve is to enable the shuttle to travel across JUST SLIGHTLY ABOVE the badminton net.

As a server, you are more likely to fail to send the shuttle pass your opponent’s service line if your low badminton serve hits the top of the net.

If a player fails to send the shuttle pass the service line, he/she loses a point.

It does not get a “let” like tennis.

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