Badminton Shuttlecock Advice: What are the Good Brands?

The badminton shuttlecock will probably be the most expensive investment you have to make to play badminton.

If you enjoy playing badminton or if you play rather intense badminton matches, it is very important that you play with durable and quality feather shuttlecocks.

There are so many badminton shuttlecock brands out there. However, not all manufacturers produce high quality feather shuttlecocks.

Manufacturers like Yonex produce the best shuttlecocks in the world. However, their shuttles are also the most expensive.

My Experience

I started playing badminton over a couple of years and I have found some good quality shuttlecocks which are cost effective.

They are durable, good quality, and reasonably priced.

Before choosing your badminton shuttlecocks, make sure you know how to choose the appropriate badminton shuttle speed for your area/region.

Playing with the wrong shuttlecock speed will definitely affect your performance.

1. RSL Classic Tourney

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The RSL Classic Tourney is very durable and has a very good flight. I personally find these to be the most cost effective shuttles where you get the most value out of your money.

Out of the 4 shuttlecocks I’ll be introducing to you, this one is the most widely used in the world.

So you shouldn’t find any problem buying the RSL Classic Tourney online or in your local store.

One classic tourney shuttlecock should be able to last for at least one intense doubles game played by intermediate players.

2.Protech Masterpiece

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I find the Protech Masterpiece to be the best shuttlecock in the Protech brand.

Its price is about the same as the RSL Classic Tourney.

It’s also as durable as the Classic Tourney.

However, the flight pattern of the Protech Masterpiece is not as good as the Classic Tourney.

Nonetheless, the difference isinsignificant.

You probably won’t be able to see the difference.

Similar to the RSL Classic Tourney, a Protech Masterpiece shuttlecock is able to last for one highly intense doubles game played by intermediate players.

Considering that Protechis a Malaysian brand, it might not be really recognised overseas. You might find it difficult to purchase them in your country.

If you had to choose between the Classic Tourney and the Masterpiece, I would say that it won’t matter. These 2 are very similar.

They are closest in terms of price, durability and flight quality.

3.Aeroplane Black Label

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The Aeroplane Black Label is the best shuttlecock in the Aeroplane brand.

It’s quite difficult to get them because there are not many suppliers around the world selling Aeroplane shuttlecocks.

The Aeroplane Black Label might be slightly more expensive than the Classic Tourney and the Masterpiece.

In terms of durability, it is almost the same as the 2 badminton shuttlecock brands mentioned above.

However, I find the Aeroplane Black Label better in terms of flight pattern.

If you’re residing in places like Australia, Hong Kong, or China, you should be able to easily get your hands on the Aeroplane Black Label compared to the RSL Classic Tourney and Protech Masterpiece.

Have a go at the Black Label instead of going through the trouble in getting the Masterpiece or Classic Tourney from overseas suppliers.

4.Victor Master No.2

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I personally love the Victor Master No.2 badminton shuttlecock the most. It is the most expensive shuttlecock out of the 4 brands mentioned on this page.

Although it is more expensive, you’ll still be able to get the most value out of your money.

As compared to the 3 shuttlecocks mentioned above, the Victor Master No.2 is more durable and has better flight pattern.

Interestingly, when this shuttle makes contact with your racket, the sound is “sweeter”.

These shuttlecocks are capable of lasting for as long as 1 and a half badminton doubles game played by intermediate players.

Victor is a very reputable badminton brand. It is the official sponsor of many badminton tournaments around the world. Most tournaments sponsored by Victor use Victor shuttlecocks. Therefore Victor shuttlecocks contain the quality of international standards.

You shouldn’t have any problem finding the Victor Master No.2. It is fairly popular around the world and most badminton stores sell them.

Tips to Increase the Durability of Your Shuttlecocks

The badminton shuttlecock brands mentioned above are one of the most durable shuttlecocks in the world. However, you can still increase the durability of those shuttles to help you save more money on your shuttlecocks.

Hydrate Your Shuttlecocks BeforeUse

Feather shuttlecocks need to be hydrated when you play with them.

Otherwise, the dryness may cause the feathers to be a little bit brittle.

Therefore it is very important that you OPEN YOUR SHUTTLECOCK TUBE (open the front and back cover) for at least 2 days before you use them. This could potentially increase the durability of the shuttlecocks by 50%.

If you reside in “dry” countries with low levels of humidity, open your shuttlecock tube and store it in your bathroom. Your bathroom will most likely have the highest level of humidity.

Stock Up During the Last Quarter of the Year

I am not an expert in the production of shuttlecocks. The following fact was advice given to me by a manager of a reputable badminton shop.

Most shuttlecocks are produced in China, simply because the cost of production in China is low!

Shuttlecocks are slightly more durable and have better quality when they are made during summer.

In summer, shuttlecocks are left to dry under the sun whereas during winter, shuttlecocks are put in the oven instead.

As such, shuttlecocks left to dry under the sun during summer are of higher quality and slightly more durable.

Summer in China is in the middle of the year.

Expect those shuttlecocks made in summer to reach the retail outlets around the last quarter of the year.

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