How to Play the Forehand Badminton Overhead Clear


Forehand Badminton Overhead Clear (Lob)

Level Beginner
Type Defensive
Pre-requisite None

What is an Overhead Defensive Clear?

It’s a defensive shot hit from your baseline to your opponent’s baseline. The Overhead Clear is also known as the Lob in some countries.

You’ll find yourself using this shot very often in a singles game. Beginners should learn how to hit Clears first before learning other shots.

Overhead Forehand Badminton Clear Tutorial

If you perform the right technique, Clearing or Lobbing should be effortless. If you find yourself putting a whole lot of effort in your Clears, you may be performing the wrong technique.

Here are the steps for the Badminton Overhead Clear.

1. Move into position and get behind the shuttle. Adopt the Forehand Grip.

2. Raise your Racket Arm and Non-Racket Arm.

3. Your body should face sideways with your feet pointing slightly sideways.

Important Tip: Bend your knees slightly

4. Commence your Forehand Stroke. Stretch your Racket Arm to as far back as possible. Stretch out your Non-Racket Arm. Inhale. Then Exhale as you swing your racket forward.

Tip: Bend your Racket Foot lower than your Non-Racket Foot. As you swing your Racket forward, use your Racket foot to push your body weight forward.


5. Take the shuttle at the Highest Point possible.

Contact Point: In step 1, you should place yourself right below the shuttle. So when you hit the shuttle, your swing will naturally direct the shuttle upwards.

Knees?: Straighten your knees as you reach out to take the shuttle at the highest point.

6. Complete a Full Arm Swing. Follow through with your swing even after you hit the shuttle.

7. Shuffle your Racket Foot forward as you swing your racket forward. After hitting your stroke, your body should face forward. Your Racket Foot should be in front of your Non-Racket Foot. Both feet should point forward.

Good Way to Test Whether You’re Hitting Correctly

Why is this so?

matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to Clear from baseline to
baseline UNLESS you perform the correct stroke technique.

clearing from one end to the other isn’t a problem for you, then
congratulations; I assume that you’re performing your Forehand Strokes
correctly; You’re on your way to the next level in badminton.

Important Tips and Advice

Beginners should always learn to hit the Overhead Clear before learning any other badminton shots. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll find yourself learning other shots very quickly.

Hitting the Forehand Badminton Overhead Clear or Lob should be effortless. These are the little things that you may do to generate more power:

  1. Bend your knees when you’re in the ready position.
  2. Inhale as you raise your Racket Arm and Non-Racket Arm. Exhale as you swing your racket forward.
  3. As you exhale, contract your abs to inject some explosive power into your stroke.
  4. As you swing your racket forward, use your Racket Foot to push your body weight forward.


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